Main Services Overview

  • Fitting Your Bike

    For a perfect ride.

    Check the frame's stand-over height. This ensures your chosen model is correctly sized for your leg length and flexibility. Adjust seat (saddle) height. Adjust seat position. Your knee should be aligned over your forefoot for greatest efficiency. Check the stem. Your stem length and angle determine how far you reach and bend at the waist to reach the handlebars. Check the distance from the seat to the handlebar.

  • Flat Repair

    Who let the air out?

    We can fix and prevent any flat including valves, beads, cords and rubber. We can repair or replace rim tapes, tubes and tubeless tires. We can also offer preventative service and supplies. Come see us for a tire inspection.

  • Parts and replacements

    Get your bike back into action

    We can repair and restore almost any bike from any decade — or any model or brand. We have most parts in stock. and if we don't have it, we can order it in and get your bike back on the mountain quickly.

  • Basic Tune-Up

    It all starts here

    The Basic Tune is for when your whole bike needs a little attention. We call this a basic adjustment tune. Service includes: Brake adjustment, Shifter and derailleur adjustment, Spot wheel true, Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleurs, Security check for all accessories, i.e. water bottle cages, light, computer, etc.

  • Drivetrain Tune-Up

    When you need a bit more care

    The Drive-train Tune is for when just your drive-train is in need of extra attention. Service includes: Solvent clean chain, Detail clean both derailleurs, Detail clean cranks, Correct torque specification for bottom bracket, Correct torque specification for cranks, Shifter and derailleur adjustment, Lube cable and housing for derailleurs.

  • Deluxe Tune-Up

    Nothing but the best

    The Deluxe Tune is for when your whole bike needs extra attention. Includes all Basic Tune-Up services plus: Complete wheel true, Headset adjustment, Bottom bracket adjustment, Torque crank bolts, Correct torque specification for cranks, Bike wipe down.